(Re)installing Morrowind, Pt. 12

Continued from Part 11, or start at the beginning.

Morrowind’s two expansions are usually covered in separate addons. Our use of Mixed Textures earlier was a bit of a fluke, in that it did include a few textures for the expansions (and you may recall that’s why we started with it), but in most cases Tribunal and Bloodmoon will have discrete texture packs. The following addons will provide excellent boosts in quality while maintaining (or staying as close as possible to) the original look.


Most of Tribunal’s Dwemer textures have already been taken care of (in higher resolution) by Darknut in the previous entry, but we still need to cover a few. Download The Mourning of Bamz-Amschend by Aeven and install only the following files (move them into your textures folder and allow overwrites):

  • tx_coilcopper00.dds
  • tx_coilcopper01.dds
  • tx_coilcopper02.dds
  • tx_steel_inset00.dds
  • tx_steel_inset01.dds
  • tx_steel_inset02.dds
  • tx_steel_inset03.dds
  • tx_steel_inset04.dds
  • tx_steel_inset05.dds
  • tx_steel_inset06.dds
  • tx_steel_inset07.dds
  • tx_steel_inset08.dds
  • tx_steel_inset09.dds
  • tx_steel_inset10.dds
  • tx_steel_inset11.dds

Next install The Clockwork City (also by Aeven) and allow all overwrites

Look in your Connary folder (you downloaded it in the last entry and used his cave and stronghold textures) for “Connarys miscellanea places – Old Mournhold,” install all the textures from that folder, and allow all overwrites. This covers the dungeons involved in Tribunal.

Now, let’s do Mournhold. Unfortunately there is no “perfect” replacer for Mournhold that sticks 100% close to vanilla, but Plangkye’s Green Marble Mournhold is close. Install all the textures from its main textures folder, allow all overwrites, and then install all the textures from its “Alternate Walls” folder. Leave the alternate roof alone; the one we already have is closer to the original.

Take a look at what we’ve just done to Mournhold:


Download Slartibartfast’s Bloodmoon Landscape Overhaul (yes, the same one I mentioned earlier). We’re not going to use the .esm file that actually modifies the land, but we are going to use some of his meshes and textures. Just install the entire mod into your Data Files folder and let everything overwrite. Do not check “Bloodmoon Landscape Overhaul 1.1.esm!” In fact, you can delete it, or keep it if you’re curious about trying it later. If you do, be sure to uncheck “Texture Fix – Bloodmoon 1.1.esm” first. The texture fixes for Bloodmoon are included in the Landscape Overhaul.

Now, download Wollibeebee’s Solstheim: Tomb of the Snow Prince. This is another enormous overhaul that is worth trying later, but it departs strongly from vanilla, so right now we’re only going to use the parts of it that can seamlessly replace existing things in the game world. Unzip it to an empty folder and look inside. You’ll see folders for Icons, Meshes, and Textures, and a readme and .esm. Before you install, you need to remove the parts we’re not using to upgrade the original Bloodmoon world. Thankfully, Wollibeebee made this easy to figure out. The Icons, Meshes, and Textures each have a folder inside called “WL.” Either delete those, or move them aside for later (it’s probably better to just deleteβ€” keeping old addon parts can be confusing, and you can always just unzip the archive again). Now, open Meshes and look inside its “f” folder for Furn_S_coals_hot.nif and delete that too. Now you are ready to drag the Icons, Meshes, and Textures folders over to your Data Files and allow ALL overwrites.

Check out Solstheim with our upgrades:

Next time, we’ll continue with other items, and monsters depending on how long the entry gets to be!


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  1. Paul

    Great guide. Been busy of late and only just managed to get up to date. Things looking awesome so far can’t wait for the next part, keep up the awesome work and thanks for sharing this with us all πŸ™‚

  2. Flarestorm

    This is great, I had problems with Morrowind Overhaul. This way works much better. Hope you continue and go over leveled lists.

    1. Life in Ink and Pixels

      Thank you, Flarestorm. Glad you are enjoying the guide. There has been a significant delay, but yes, I do plan to continue and cover everything. πŸ™‚

  3. Rudy

    Is ‘Clockwork City Reborn’ the same as ‘Clockwork City’ or just an updated version of the one you suggest?

    1. CreeperLava

      The textures are completely different, so it is probably a different mod.

  4. thankfulreader

    Thanks so much for making this guide. It’s been enormously helpful to me. Cheers!

  5. Paul Woolley

    Please tell me that this guide is still being continued…it is by far the best guide I have ever seen for modding Morrowind…..ever!! Please keep up the good work, i await the next part with baited breath! πŸ™‚

  6. Adam Paulina

    I just found this a couple days ago and I want to say that this may be the most helpful Morrowind modding guide on the internet. Thank you so much for putting this together. It has helped me out a ton. Are you still planning on finishing the guide? It’s been a while since the last post

  7. Paul Woolley

    I’m really hoping that this gets the rest of the sections it thoroughly deserves. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing this journey with us. πŸ˜€

  8. MosAnted

    Still plan to continue? I’m curious what changes are needed for bump-maps in MGE.

  9. KnirpsLyn

    Aw crap, are you serious? It just ends? Nothing else? Now I’m going to slap crap in folders and ruin everything. lol

    1. Life in Ink and Pixels

      I’m actually hard at work on the next step as well as bringing everything else into 2017! I know the last entry is super old, but you actually may have started reading at the best possible time. πŸ˜‰

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