Life in Ink and Pixels is a blog about the adventures of a writer, artist and gamer experiencing each of those things through the eyes of someone experienced in the other two things.

  • Gaming from the perspective of a writer/artist
  • Art from the perspective of a writer/gamer
  • Writing from the perspective of an artist/gamer
  • Any of these three things by itself, like gaming just because I want to write a specific article about gaming
  • Anything that functions as a crossover between those things, like roleplaying (an intersection of writing and gaming)
  • Anything else I feel like writing about that’s related to living a life in ink and pixels
  • Anything else I feel like writing about

You get the idea. Of course, not everything I post is going to exactly fit the above criteria, and I’m not always going to write analytically, or comparatively. My own expertise usually sits in the background, and I’m usually writing because I’m someone who enjoys these things, not to analyze or critique. That being said, I’m sure an occasional review or editorial will slip through.

Anyway, forget the bulleted list and just read. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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