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Morrowind Modding Guide Update!

Just a quick note for those reading: the next entry in my Morrowind Modding Guide is nearly ready, and it is gigantic. I’m actually considering splitting it off into two entries, which I think will work well, as it starts out with basic improvements/replacers and moves up to more advanced (and CPU-intensive) ones. My intentions are for everyone to be able to upgrade everything at least to some degree and then stop before their computers become overwhelmed.

Once it’s up, there will probably be frequent minor edits for a few days, but as always, the edits will be catalogued on the main Morrowind page.

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An Update.

You may have noticed the lack of activity here for… wow, a little over two months. This was due to my suddenly acquiring a new job. The last update I made to this blog was published literally 10 minutes before I walked out the door to the interview. I was expecting a part-time gig a few days a week; instead I ended up with full time, in addition to my other job on the weekends. To sum up, I abruptly found myself not having a single day off for 21 days in a row, sometimes working 12-hour days, and having very little time afterward despite my attempts to iron out my schedule. It has taken me an embarrassing amount of time (due in part to the uncooperative nature of my previous employer) but I’m finally almost adjusted to this new life cycle.

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