(Re)Installing Morrowind, Interim Post

I have added a couple of new mods to the guide, in their respective sections, but I want to mention them here for those who have already passed those steps.

One is Pherim’s Improved Weapon Meshes – Ebony, which comes in two flavors with minor differences in the tips of the blades. It also comes with an optional .esp that places an ebony claymore in the game.

The other is HiRes Robes by Flash3113. The other ones you installed are still needed, but just install this one on top of them.

Go ahead and install both of these now.

The next entry is nearly done, although we may be looking at another split entry again because of the sheer number of installations we’re making. Architecture and World textures are almost done, but I may split the remaining miscellaneous items into their own entry, depending on the length of the final product.

Thanks for reading!


  1. skullizard

    Good guide. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by the byzantine maze that is morrowind’s modding community, I feel reassured when I see other modders keeping humor through the frightful ordeal.

  2. Hrudgar

    Thank you so much for this guide; after playing on and off since release, this has been a godsend for smoothly and easily upgrading the base game. Moreso than that, it’s been a great help in getting someone new into the game. Your work here is deeply appreciated, and I hope you are doing well.

  3. Life in Ink and Pixels

    Thank you both for the above comments. Things have indeed been a bit hectic, and I greatly appreciate your encouragement.

    My original self-imposed deadline is long past, but the next entry should be up by this weekend, as all I have to do is add some screenshots to it. I was right, I did have to split it off.

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