Morrowind Texture Gallery – Original Game Files – textures (Tribunal)

Morrowind\Data Files\textures

These are added to the folder by Tribunal.

Important Notes:

These images are .jpg conversions of .dds files.

Clicking on an image will bring you to a page with the name and details of the texture file. Clicking on the image again will open it separately.

All images are captioned with the name of the texture file (.dds).

The images on this page are in the textures folder, but that folder also contains several subdirectories, listed on Page 1, as well as 17 pages worth of textures from original Morrowind. Bloodmoon textures are located at this link.

Added by Tribunal:

Page 1 (this page): Amalexia_statue to Tx_mh_rusty_grate
Page 2: Tx_mh_streetlamp to Vfx_restore_light1


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