Morrowind Texture Gallery – Darknut’s Dwemer Ruin Textures

Download from Great House Fliggerty.

Darknut’s Dwemer Ruin Textures contains a Data Files/Textures folder along with a folder called Z-alt which contains a single alternate texture (meant to replace and match a texture that had its look changed by Tribunal). The main textures folder does not contain any icons, bookart, or any other subfolders.

File Path:

Morrowind\Data Files\textures

Important Notes:

These images are .jpg conversions of .dds files.

Clicking on an image will bring you to a page with the name and details of the texture file. Clicking on the image again will open it separately.

All images are captioned with the name of the texture file (.dds).

All contents of all subfolders are shown here. To use an alternate texture, install the main mod first and then add the preferred alternate texture file(s), allowing it to overwrite. Do not drop alternate texture folders straight into your Textures folder; the game will not see them.

There are 108 textures in the Darknut’s Dwemer Ruin Textures/Data Files/Textures folder and 1 texture in the Z-alt folder.

The main set of textures is shown first, followed by the alternate texture from the Z-alt folder.

Z-alt texture (use if you have Tribunal installed):

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