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(Re)installing Morrowind, Pt. 5

Now that we’ve established some good habits for organizing your Morrowind directory, it’s time to install your very first Morrowind addon— or at least the first that’s actually a regular addon and not a whole separate program. This will be the Morrowind Patch Project. Don’t get it mixed up with the Morrowind Code Patch that we installed in a previous entry; that was a program to fix things that addons couldn’t, whereas now we are working with a traditional addon.

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(Re)installing Morrowind, Pt. 4

Now that we are through tinkering with the Morrowind Code Patch, it’s time to install some regular addons. We’re going to start with some important bug fixes, but first I’ll explain general addon usage, along with my suggestion for an ideal way to keep everything organized.

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